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 Chrome Plating is a very common process which are widely used in automotive and household appliance, it’s often refered to a technique that a thin layer of chromium is electroplated onto a metal or plastic object. Chrome plating process includes many steps like copper electroplating, nickel electroplating, chromium electroplating etc. The chromed layer can be decorative, equivalent appearance, provide corrosion resistance, ease cleaning procedures or increase surface hardness etc. In Shanghai Olimy, Trivalent chromium (Cr+3) and Hexavalent chromium (Cr+6) are the most common material that used in Chrome plating.

Chrome Plating requires many steps to get a well-plated final parts, including:
1. Receiving and Inspection: Every part need to be checked to ensure there’s no defects for plating.
2. Stripping: This step aims to move all paint, dirt, oil and grease, rust, old plating or any other material from the surface of the part to ensure better plating.
3. Polishing: Mainly means using a series of abrasive wheels and coarse-cutting grinders (also called sand) to move all pitting, scratches and impurities from the surface.
4. Wiring and Racking: Necessary accessories to hold parts in the plating tanks, it can be hooks, racks, copper wire etc, this also provide electrical contact to the part.
5. Cleaning: To ensure the part can be completely and well plated, part must be absolutely clean before plating, otherwise even very slight dirt, grease, oil, rust will cause a reject during plating. Normally an elaborate series of soap, acid etc are good options to guarantee a perfect surface.
6. Copper Plating and Buffing: A copper plating and buffing offers an additional layer of corrosion protection and helps to fill-in polishing lines and pits.


7. Wiring, Racking and Re-cleaning: Repeat above process, ready for Nickel plating.
8. Nickel Plating: This process lasts for about one hour, nickel plating provides the deep luster of a chromed part, which also provides better protection for long-lasting chrome parts.
9.  Chrome Plating: Final process after nickel plating, is actually a protective coating over the shiny nickel which prevents the nickel from tarnishing.
10. Final Inspection: Each part need to be cleaned and inspected, including surface visual checking like color, defects etc, and also other necessary testing like the adhesion testing, salt spray testing, water immersion testing, peel strength testing, temperature resistance testing and heat resistance testing etc.

Case study:
We have been authorized supplier for Samsung and LG for 4 years, including the household appliance such as the door handles, rings for washing machine. Material for Samsung parts is Trivalent chromium (Cr+3) and final parts are delivered to Korea, Mexico and US directly.

Packaging is also of great importance for chrome plating parts, you must make sure the packaging is good enough that no damage, scratch or crack will come out on the surface during transportation and shipment. Shanghai Olimy has the experience in packaging Samsung parts, which are continuously deliveried to Korea, Mexico and US etc. For more packaging information, please check as below:

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