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Fiberglass Compression Molding(SMC) products,Fiberglass Hand Lay Up products, Fiberglass RTM products, Carbon Fiber parts,Plastic Injection Molded parts, and Plastic Injection Molding.With value-added service of painting, chrome plating, sonic welding, silk printing, screen printing.

Fiberglass Compression Molding Image

Fiberglass Compression Molding

Seperating from the raw material, fiberglass compr ...

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Fiberglass Hand Lay Up Image

Fiberglass Hand Lay Up

Our factory started from fiberglass parts made via ...

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Fiberglass RTM Image

Fiberglass RTM

RTM is resin transfer molding. Two smooth surfaces ...

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Carbon Fiber Molded Image

Carbon Fiber Molded

Carbon fiber is a kind of polymer, which is made o ...

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Plastic Injected Part Image

Plastic Injected Part

With years’ experience in custom plastic injecti ...

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Plastic Injection Molding Image

Plastic Injection Molding

More than 7 years’ experience in mold designing ...

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Why Choose Us

One-Stop Service:

Besides qualified products, we also offer customer specialized logistic service. Based on good knowledge of exporting and importing Custom declaration.

with help of long term cooperated forwarders, we are able to offer customer one stop service from the order to the products transported to the customer hand.

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Why Choose Us

Quality Stability:

More than 90 percent workers have been working in our factory for over 7 years. Low turnover rate makes us offer customer more stable quality level, especially for hand lay up process.

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Why Choose Us


More than 13 years’ experience in producing and exporting fiberglass products and plastic injected parts, make us a standard procedure for quality control and problem prevention.

More than 85% of our products are exported to North America and Europe, which makes us get a good knowledge on such markets. The request from those markets is also as our standard to be applied on the whole production.

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Standard Products For Selling

No tooling(mold) cost, 24 hours delivery, various surface finish, make selection and contact us now!


By process SMC(Sheet Molding Compound) we produce Fiberglass Shower Tray with pure fiberglass and resin as material.Complete production line from molds,SMC Sheet to finished products ensure better quality control and enable us to provide you with more competitive price.

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fiberglass shower basin:

Same as Fiberglass Shower Tray we use SMC(Sheet Molding Compound)to produce Fiberglass Basin.Compared with Ceramics or Acrylic Basin Fiberglass Basin is much stronger,non deformation,no flavescence

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Typical Products

Quick viewing following typical products,have a general information in out customization ability.More information please contact us right now.

“ Need help? Call our award-winning support team 24/7.

About Us

Olimy has been specialized in customized Fiberglass products,Carbon Fiber parts and Plastic Molded parts for many years. Olimy’s contract manufacturing services include engineering, design, mold making, manufacturing and finished assembly, also added service such as chrome plating, welding etc


We, Shanghai Olimy Co., Ltd. is the supplier for plastic injection molds&parts, carbon fiber parts,fiberglass products, including parts made via hand lay up, RTM, SMC(compression moulding) processes. We have been in this field for many years and mainly service the customers from North America, Europe and Australia. We are so proud to be highly approved by our customers and we are willing to provide their contact details for your trade reference before our cooperation.
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ISO9001:2015 Certificate

It was strategic decision to run Olimy’s quality management system under ISO9001:2015 standard.We are establishing,documenting,implementing and maintaining our quality management system and continually improve our effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of this International Standard.

Test Report for Measurement of Antibacterial Activity

Under ISO 22196:2011,specimens from Fiberglass Shower Tray,Test Organism:Staphylococcus aureus ATCC6538.Test shows that our Fiberglass SMC material has good antibacterial Activity.

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