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Fiberglass Compression Molding

Seperating from the raw material, fiberglass compression molding includes SMC (Sheet Molding Compound ) and BMC (Bulk Molding Compound), BMC is also called as DMC (Dough Molding Compound) in Europe.

The only difference between SMC and BMC (DMC) is the length of the raw fiberglass sheet, different length of fiberglass sheet results in different mechanical strength.

SMC is mostly recommended for parts which will need higher mechanical strength. Normally length of fiberglass sheet that used for SMC parts is between 1/2-inch and 1-inch. Of which the fiberglass reinforcement content is about 10% to 60%.
Because of its better mechanical properties and superior electrical insulation, SMC are widely used as automotive body, construction components, various cabinets, high-strength electrical parts, furniture parts, structural components etc.

Material is its excellent flowability, which ensures the material can be distributed averagely under high temperature and high pressure, especially for parts with complicated shapes.

Our advantages:
  • *Quick quotation within 24 hours after having your detailed drawings or samples,both for mould only or mould and pats.
  • *We have our own mold workshop.Molds cost start from $ 1000.00.Mold control plan will be sent to you when order is confirmed so you can know all detailed process.Weekly report will be provided each week so you are aware of all progress just like you are here .
  • *After the mold is finished we will test it and sample will be provided to you together with Size Control Report and Testing Video.
  • *Based on your feedback on sample we will do necessary improvements till your approval.
  • *We will process each requirements as signed agreements.If any possible changing or suggestion for improvements during production, we will not start until getting your final confirmation.
  • *With the biggest Compression Machine 2000 Ton we can produce maximum products with 4.40×1.60 meters&550.00 kgs.

*No matter it comes to SMC or BMC (DMC), we will study your case firstly and suggest material according to your detailed requests and its application.

*Both SMC and BMC (DMC) can be adjusted to meet your requests, such as fire resistant, loading capacity, UV resistant,solid or painted surface,etc.
*As for the color, it can be customized as long as you provide the color code or color sample to us.


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