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Plastic Injected Part

With years’ experience in custom plastic injection molding, Shanghai Olimy is now supplying both mold and plastic parts for international world class enterprises, including Renault, Siemens, Home depot, Whirlpool etc. Working with

OEM worldwide for a wide range of industries like automotive, construction, medical, machinery and household appliance, enables us to design and mold custom plastic parts with innovation to reduce overall part and production costs for all OEM projects. Our mission is to provide you with competitive advantages in terms of improved quality, efficiencies and increased profitability.

With 29 sets Injection Machines normally we can produce 30000 pcs plastic part each day.The biggest Machine with pressure 1600 Ton can inject maximum 8.00 kgs part.

We have no quantity limition.With small quantity we will study which process is economic,producing injection molding,CNC machining or 3D printing.

Pressure Quantity Model Auxiliary Equipment Die Capacity Die Width Max Injection Volume
50T 1 140*360 360*360 28g
90T 2 140*360 360*360 117g
130T 6 Manipulator 150*410 410*410 200g
170T 10 Manipulator 160*500 460*460 370g
SM250V 1 195*600 560*510 600g
380H 2 250*720 710*710 1120g
480 3 300*800 800*800 1600g
650T 1
1000T 1 Two trigger Triaxial servo manipulator 530*1200 1300*1200 4275g
1300T 1 Two trigger Triaxial servo manipulator 700*1350 1420*1420 4275g
1600T 1 Two trigger Triaxial servo manipulator 700*1500 1520*1520 8000g

For custom plastic injection parts, engineering and mold design are the two most important factors for success. Shanghai Olimy is always ready here to provide you with following suggestions and supports:


Stack molds(multi cavities)


Molded-in color             


In-mold decorating and In-mold labeling


Insert molding


Over molding


Multi-shot molding


Silk screening


Hot stamping / Pad printing


Ultrasonic welding


Post molding operations.



Engineers and designers in Shanghai Olimy are not only responsible for part design, tool design, mold building, we will be also responsible for material selection. Now Shanghai Olimy is working with well-known brands like Basf, Bayer, LG,DOW , Sabic, etc and you can point some brands directly. Also we will suggest cost effective material according to the application, use objectives, use environment and intended market of your parts.
One Stop Service:
1)logistic service:good relation with several logistic companies,we can supply you door to door service,not only for International Courrier,but also for Air and Sea shipment.
2)we would like to help you to mix other goods from other china suppliers into one shipment,that way can save you costs.

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