6 Sep, 2019 By Johny 2 Comments

Plastics and foam optimize interior living space of future car(section 1)

Plastics and foams are not just lightweight materials. Asahi Kasei explains how they will prove to be an important complement to future car user experience. What are users’expectations for future car interiors? With the sharing of autopilot cars becoming the main vehicle of the future, the interior decoration we know today will undergo profound changes. The steering wheel will disappear and passengers will no longer need to focus on traffic. Seats that are only allowed to adjust their position will now be able to turn completely. The roof and side windows will be bigger, making the car brighter and allowing passengers to enjoy the surrounding landscape. Over time, passengers will demand more displays, audio systems, more entertainment functions, and peace and quiet. In short: the future car interior will become a comfortable and relaxed space, a new living space. But these new expectations pose a challenge for automakers, as each additional feature increases the overall weight of the car.


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