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Carbon Fiber and Made In China 2025

As a new high-tech material, carbon fiber has a higher application cost than traditional metal materials, but it has a special significance in improving product performance and accelerating industrial upgrading. In the notice on made in China 2025 issued by the State Council, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, advanced rail transit equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, electric power equipment, agricultural machinery equipment, biomedicine and high-performance medical equipment and other key development fields are clearly put forward. Carbon fiber materials are different in these fields The same form of application.


1. High grade CNC machine tools and robots:

The development strategy of “Made In China 2025” takes precision, high-speed, high-efficiency and flexible CNC machine tools, basic manufacturing equipment and integrated manufacturing system as the key tasks of high-end CNC machine tools, and requires the robot industry to accelerate to meet the requirements of the market for industrial robots, special robots, as well as medical health and family services, such as automobile, machinery, electronics, dangerous goods manufacturing, national defense and military industry, chemical industry, light industry, etc , education, entertainment and other service robots are growing demand.


The roller, gear and other machine tool parts made of carbon fiber materials have great value in dynamic balance, starting and stopping speed, reducing energy consumption and service life, and become an important way and direction for high-end machinery to actively explore and realize product upgrading. The application of new materials in robot industry, such as carbon fiber robot arm and carbon fiber mechanical joint, enables the robot to get rid of the disadvantages of heavy self weight to a large extent, and uses the small creep of carbon fiber material to ensure a stable working state in the environment with large temperature difference, and obtains a higher level of application potential in the advantage of lighter and stronger.

2.Aerospace equipment:

Accelerating the development of large aircraft, developing advanced airborne equipment and systems, forming an independent and complete aviation industry chain, developing a new generation of launch vehicles and heavy vehicles, improving the ability to enter space, and promoting the transformation and application of space technology are the overall objectives of China’s 2025 manufacturing overall strategy for the aerospace equipment industry.

Composite material is an important material to produce weapon equipment. In fighter and helicopter, carbon fiber composite is applied to main structure, sub structure and special functional parts of fighter. The application of carbon fiber / epoxy and carbon fiber / double horse composite materials in the fuselage, main wing, vertical tail wing, flat tail wing, skin and other parts of the fighter has played an obvious role in reducing weight, greatly improving the fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. The data shows that the front fuselage section with composite structure can reduce the mass by 31.5%, parts by 61.5% and fasteners by 61.3% compared with the metal structure, and can be recovered The weight of the vertical stabilizer can be reduced by 32.24%.

High mode carbon fiber has been widely used in satellite structures, solar panels and antennas for its light weight, rigidity, dimensional stability and thermal conductivity. Nowadays, high-mode carbon fiber composite materials are mostly used in the development of solar panels for satellites, and some key components of space station and space shuttle transportation system are often made of high-mode carbon fiber composite materials.

3.Marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships:

The circular requires the development of deep-sea exploration, resource development and utilization, marine operation support equipment and its key systems and special equipment. Carbon fiber material has become an indispensable material in deep-sea exploration and deep-sea oil and gas development. More and more structural parts such as carbon fiber umbilical reinforcing rod, mooring cable, oil production riser, flexible riser are used in deep-sea oil platform.

The production depth of oil and gas fields is generally more than 3000m, and the exploration depth is more than 4000m. The design of oil and gas field structural parts must meet the standard of 25 years maintenance free. Traditional offshore oil and gas field related materials are steel, such as the mooring cable anchoring the platform to the seabed and the pipe cable connecting the wellhead to the platform. The weight of steel ropes and pipes increases the floating size of the platform and energy consumption. The steel is also easy to corrode under the seawater immersion, the service life is only two to three years, and the cost of periodic maintenance and cable maintenance is very high. In contrast, the performance of carbon fiber materials has obvious advantages. For example, a working platform with a depth of 1500m, the weight of steel rope is about 6000t, while the weight of carbon fiber composite materials is only 1000t. In addition, its high strength, high modulus, excellent fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance make its service life more than 25 years, greatly reducing the maintenance cost. In high-tech ships, the application of carbon fiber materials is also gradually developing, such as the development and utilization of carbon fiber ship structural parts, such as carbon fiber bow thruster watertight cover plate, which has a significant impact on the speed and energy consumption of ships.


4.Advanced rail transit equipment:

The manufacturing strategy of Made In China 2025will speed up the application of new materials, new technologies and new processes, focus on breaking through systematic safety assurance, energy conservation and environmental protection, digital intelligent network technology, develop advanced and reliable products and lightweight, modular and pedigree products as a new generation of green intelligent, high-speed and heavy-duty rail transit equipment system, and establish the world’s leading modern rail transit The main way to connect the industrial system.

Carbon fiber materials can perfectly deduce the two concepts of “energy conservation and environmental protection” and “lightweight”. The car body structural parts such as the car head cover seat frame and bogie, as well as the interior decoration parts such as the wall panel, roof, partition, seat frame and driver’s desk can all use carbon fiber composite materials. Lightweight can reduce the weight of the car body, reduce fuel use and exhaust emissions, and improve Speed up. The high strength, high tensile load and minimal deformation of the material itself also ensure the safety of the car body to a certain extent. However, the interior of the car body is a closed space. Under the high-speed operation, the interior environment of the car body puts forward higher requirements for the structural materials and interior materials of the car body. In order to further meet the requirements of rail transit equipment for vehicle body safety, Wuxi Weisheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has developed high temperature resistant and flame retardant carbon fiber composite materials specifically for the particularity of high-speed rail and other rail vehicles. While maintaining the original advantages of mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, moisture and heat resistance, it has improved the wear resistance, toughness and wave transmission of the composite materials In case of high temperature or fire accidents, it can achieve the performance of low smoke, low toxicity and low heat release, greatly improving the safety and stability of rail transit vehicles. By promoting the application of carbon fiber in rail vehicles, we will boost the development of China’s high-speed rail to the world.


5.Energy saving and new energy vehicles:

The development of electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles will continue to be supported in the “Made In China 2025” strategic line, which requires them to promote their own brand energy saving and new energy vehicles to integrate with the international advanced level with a more complete industrial system and innovation system.

On the basis of inheriting the positive application of carbon fiber from traditional vehicles, new energy vehicles must have greater application strength, because they have stronger demand in reducing self weight, solving energy consumption, reducing charging frequency and extending battery service life, especially in reducing pollution and energy consumption, which is also the value and significance of new energy vehicles different from traditional vehicles. In this case, the strict vehicle fuel economy standards and carbon dioxide emission regulations formulated by the government urge new energy vehicles to choose carbon fiber composite materials. The weight of electric vehicle is more than 200-300 kg than that of traditional vehicle. In order to ensure better driving mileage and affordable cost, the weight of electric vehicle body must be reduced by more than 50%. Among all lightweight materials, carbon fiber composite is the only one that can replace steel parts, reduce weight by 50-60%, and provide advanced materials with the same strength.


In addition to appearance covering parts, bogie, car, interior decoration, equipment compartment, friction materials, battery box, etc. all belong to the application scope of carbon fiber composite materials. In the carbon fiber structure parts provided by Wuxi Weisheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. for new energy vehicles, the carbon fiber energy absorbing box, anti-collision beam and battery box body are all typical applications. For example, a carbon fiber battery box with a volume of about 35L and a wall thickness of 2mm weighs only 2.7kg. Compared with the battery box made of traditional steel structure materials, it can reduce 80% of the weight, strength and load force ratio Traditional sheet metal parts perform better. A low-speed energy absorbing box made of carbon fiber composite material with a net weight of only 463 grams, the weight of the whole component is 60% – 80% lower than that of the raw metal material, but the energy absorption rate is very high when facing the impact, even more than 4 times higher than that of steel, aluminum and other materials. The high-strength characteristics of carbon fiber composite material make its ability to resist and transmit the impact load very strong, so it is very suitable for automobile easy to use Where the impact occurred.

6. Electric equipment:

According to the “Made In China 2025” notice, the development of new and renewable energy equipment, advanced energy storage devices, power transmission and transformation for smart grid and user-side equipment will be vigorously promoted. In the field of renewable energy equipment, carbon fiber is widely used as wind power blade, which has high strength and light weight, and is an ideal material for wind power generation.

In the aspect of advanced energy storage device, flywheel energy storage is a new type of green energy storage technology. It converts electric energy into high-speed flywheel. When it is needed, it is converted into electric energy by generator. When it is not needed, the flywheel still operates at high speed, and no chemical material waste will be produced in the use and maintenance process. It can charge and discharge for many times and has a very long service life. The carbon fiber material with light weight and high strength is of great significance to the energy storage flywheel. At present, there are many development and utilization of carbon fiber energy storage flywheel at home and abroad.

In terms of power transmission and transformation and user-side equipment for smart grid, the State Grid is promoting the application of a substation inspection robot intelligent work effect is significant. The robot adopts the method of self charging, which can run for 5-6 hours at a time when it is fully charged. At least two rounds of comprehensive inspection shall be conducted for the equipment at each time of charging, and at least two hours for each round of inspection. Therefore, the electric energy stored by the robot shall be used for inspection and operation as much as possible. In order to ensure that the robot can withstand longer and high-intensity work, the inspection robot adopts a retractable carbon fiber sleeve mechanical arm, which is composed of seven different types of arm tubes from wide to narrow, with wall thickness ranging from 0.5mm to 2mm and total weight of only 3kg, greatly reducing the energy consumption during inspection, thus extending the working time and improving the working efficiency. In addition, the carbon fiber material has good corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, and can also maintain a very small creep under a large temperature difference. Therefore, the inspection robot can be fully applied to the distribution station in high altitude, extremely hot, extremely cold, strong wind, dust, rainy and other harsh environments.

The strategy of “Made In China 2025” requires focusing on the development of advanced agricultural machinery and equipment used in the main production processes of large grain and strategic economic crops, such as cultivation, cultivation, planting, management, collection, transportation and storage, accelerating the development of high-end agricultural equipment and key core components, and improving the information collection, intelligent decision-making and precision operation capabilities of agricultural machinery and equipment.

As a large agricultural country, how to detect the growth of crops and spray pesticides is one of the problems that high-end agricultural equipment is actively solving. The agricultural plant protection function, which has the advantages of saving pesticide use, high operation accuracy and good control effect, helps spraying operators avoid direct contact with pesticides and improves the safety of spraying operation through remote control, And in a more precise way to reduce the cost of resources to a large extent. In order to provide reliable information for agricultural measures, the unmanned machine used for agricultural monitoring can timely and accurately grasp the growth of crops.

Carbon fiber composite materials such as carbon fiber paddles, carbon fiber casings and carbon fiber wall tubes have become the mainstream materials for the manufacture of unmanned plant protection machines. The carbon fiber material with a specific gravity of only one quarter of steel has good flexibility and high specific strength, but its tensile strength is more than 10 times that of ordinary steel. It has excellent creep resistance and seismic resistance, good durability and corrosion resistance. It can withstand the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric environment to a certain extent, and can effectively extend the service life of UAV.

7.High performance medical devices:

As the focus of national economy and people’s livelihood, medical device industry has become one of the strategic points of Made In China 2025. It emphasizes that we must improve the innovation ability and industrialization level of medical devices, and focus on the development of high-performance diagnosis and treatment equipment and medical products such as imaging equipment and medical robots.

With the increasing number of tumor patients in the world, the demand for radiation medical equipment is increasing rapidly. With the development of technology, radiation diagnosis and treatment equipment has gradually moved towards the direction of low radiation dose and digital imaging analysis. In the use of radiation medical equipment and auxiliary equipment, it is required that relevant accessories have good X-ray transmission performance and meet the requirements of use, At the same time, the strength and durability of these accessories should meet the high frequency requirements of equipment use. In terms of quality, hygiene, reliability and accuracy, they should meet the standard parameters of high standard medical equipment. Carbon fiber composite materials have excellent performance to meet the above requirements. Therefore, carbon fiber radiation head support, bed panel, radiotherapy positioning frame, breast machine support plate, Dr plate detector and other carbon fiber medical devices and diagnosis and treatment equipment have been more and more used in clinical.

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