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CG231, the first four seat fixed wing aircraft in China with all fiberglass composite, made its first successful flight

On December 30, 2019, CG231, a four seat fixed wing aircraft with independent intellectual property rights jointly developed by Chongqing TONGHANG group and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, made its first successful flight in Longxing general airport, Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing.

Starting at 15:00 p.m., the CG231 aircraft, which made its first flight, completed several stages of take-off and climb, level flight, field flight and landing in accordance with the established subjects, achieving a successful first flight. The whole process lasted about 30 minutes.

CG231 is the first four seats fixed wing aircraft with all fiberglass composite material in China. The aircraft adopts the upper single wing layout, the continental CD-155 / Lycoming IO-360 engine is optional, and the integrated display system is integrated. The aircraft has a wingspan of 11.18 meters, a takeoff weight of 1184 kg, a maximum endurance of 1600 km, a maximum level speed of 280 km / h, a ceiling of more than 6000 m, a takeoff run distance of less than 300 m, and a landing run distance of only 150 m.

 CG231 can be applied to pilot training, police patrol, sightseeing travel, experience flight, aerial photography and other fields, with perfect flight quality and aesthetic comfort. CG231 aircraft is very convenient to use and maintain, and the expected price is no more than 2 million yuan, which is highly competitive in the market. At the beginning of the design, CG231 has formulated the design idea of “one machine, multiple models, and series development”. In the future, Chongqing TONGHANG group will take CG231 as the platform, carry out the research and development of the seaplane through series development, improvement and modification, and realize the series development of the model.

CG231 is also the first time to use domestic composite materials on all composite aircraft in China, which has been strongly supported by Airworthiness Certification Department of Civil Aviation Administration, southwest administration of civil aviation, Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau, etc., and has entered the type certificate (TC) review procedure of Civil Aviation Administration of China. Most of the components of the aircraft are provided by domestic suppliers and cooperate with more than ten suppliers of finished products, which can promote the rapid development of radiation general aircraft supporting industry and the improvement of airworthiness. At the same time, several universities participated in the project development, giving full play to the advantages of the combination of production, learning and research.

The successful first flight of CG231 aircraft marks the overall development of Chongqing’s aviation industry, which is characterized by “simultaneous flight of two wings of aviation and civil aviation and landing of fixed wings of helicopter”. Its successful development fills in the blank of the application of domestic composite materials in the domestic all composite aircraft, opens up a brand-new product category in the aviation aircraft market, and pioneers the commercial promotion and application of all fiberglass composite aircraft in the aviation market in China. It plays an important role in the development of aviation technology with independent intellectual property rights in China and the realization of “independent R & D and independent manufacturing” of general aircraft.

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