Cavities Unfully Filled–Technical Problem of Fiberglass Compression Molding

Condition Description Reasons Solution
Condition 1: Not fully filled at the edge of the mold Insufficient feeding Increase the quantity of feeding
Molding temperature is too high Decrease molding temperature
The closing time of Pressure Machine is too long, and the SMC is solidified before the mold is filled. Shorten closing time
Molding pressure is too low Increase molding pressure
Feeding area is too small Increase feeding area
Condition 2: Not fully filled in small area on the edge of the mold Insufficient feeding Increase the quantity of feeding
Material loss before mold closing more careful discharge
The distance between upper and lower cavities is too large or the fitting length is too short. Reduce the fitting clearance and increase the fitting length.If the defect is small,increase the molding temperature or add excess material.
Condition 3: Although the entire edge is full filled but some areas are not full filled Insufficient feeding Increase the quantity of feeding
Air failed to drain Improve feeding method
Air in the blind hole cannot be discharged Use three-half mold structure or allow air to be discharged from the ejector pins.If the defect is small to increase the pressure
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