Comparison of Applicability for process of Fiberglass Hand Lay Up,RTM and Compression Molding(SMC/BMC)

Comparison Hand Lay Up RTM SMC/BMC
Molding Temperature/℃ indoor temperature 40-60℃ or indoor temperature 130-150℃
Molding Cycle 1-4h 5-30min 1-15min
Production Efficiency(8h)/unit 2–3 16–90 50–400
Mold Type FRP FRP or metal metal
Mold Cost(based on 1) 1 2–4 5–10
Product Surface single surface shiny both surface shiny both surface shiny
Product Repeatability Human factors have a greater impact good very good
Product Dimensional Accuracy Human factors have a greater impact good very good
Ration between Resin and Fiber Human factors have a greater impact good very good
Filler Content high low high
Release Agent external demoulding both external and internal demoulding internal demoulding
Pressure/MPa contact pressure 0.1–0.25 4–10
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In the manufacturer process of Hand Lay Up after Resin gels,why does it become soft,non-hardened or low strength?

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