Surface Ripple–Technical Problem of Fiberglass Compression Molding

Condition Description Reasons Solution
1 Ripple on the long,vertical and thin surface,which is at right angles to the direction of flowing.Also due to other adverse flow conditions (wall thickness difference) may result in Irregular surface ripple. Complex design of the product prevents uniform material flowing. In most cases it cannot be completely eliminated, but can be improved in the following ways: Increase pressure, change the feeding position,to use low shrinkage or no shrinkage resin.
Weld Line Phenomenon and Solution in plastic Injection Molding

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Overview and main raw materials of short fiber moldings

Overview: Since the fiberglass compression molding process has some outstanding advantages, it pla……

Usual mold parts and their function

Item Description Function 1 Top clamp plate To connect the compression mold with the hydraul……

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