Mucosa–Technical Problem of Fiberglass Compression Molding

Condition Description Reasons Solution
1 The Fiberglass Molding part is difficult to remove from the mold, and the fiberglass sheet sticks to the mold in some areas Mold temperature is too low. Increase the mold temperature.
2 Solidifying time is too short. Extend solidifying time.
3 It is too long to open the outer packaging of Fiberglass sheet. Always keep the Fiberglass sheet sealing before using them.
4 Without special treatment before using new molds or long-term unused molds. To use release agent to help demoulding for first several cyclings.
5 The mold surface is too rough. better surface polishing
6 It is difficult to demould the solidified fiberglass molding parts.In some areas the fiberglass raw material sticks to the mold, and the surface of the final parts has some microholes and scars. The feeding area is too large, the air can not be discharged, and the air impedes solidifying. Reduce the feeding area and add small sheet at the top of the large sheet.
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