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Basalt Fiber can increase the strength of space equipments

Russian scientists have proposed the use of Basalt Fiber as a reinforcement material for spacecraft components. The structure using this composite material has good load-bearing capacity and can withstand large temperature differences. In addition, the use of basalt plastics will significantly reduce the cost of technical equipment for outer space.

According to an associate professor at the Department of Economics and Industrial Production Management at Perm University of Technology, basalt plastic is a modern composite material based on magmatic rock fibers and organic binders. The advantage of basalt fiber compared to glass fiber and metal alloys is its extremely high mechanical, physical, chemical and thermal properties. This allows for fewer layers to be wound during the reinforcement process, without adding weight to the product, and reducing production costs for rockets and other spacecraft.

The researchers say the composite could be used as a starting material for rocket systems. It has many advantages over currently used materials. Product strength is greatest when the fibers are set at 45°C. When the number of layers of basalt plastic structure is more than 3 layers, it can withstand external force. Furthermore, the axial and radial displacements of the basalt plastic pipes are two orders of magnitude lower than the corresponding aluminum alloy pipes under the same wall thickness of the composite material and the aluminum alloy casing.

Sourcing from:www.cnfrp.com

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