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Wisconsin Oven provides multi zone oven for Carbon Fiber curing

Wisconsin oven announced the delivery of two electrically heated multi zone curing ovens for curing carbon fibers to customers in the composite industry.

One of the ovens has six zones rated at 250°C (482°f) with a working chamber size of 19 feet wide, 16 feet long, 4 inches long, and 2 feet high. The second oven has two areas, rated at 260 °C (500°f), and a studio size of 19 feet wide, 41 feet 4 inches long and 2 feet high. According to the Wisconsin oven description, the profile tests of the two ovens recorded a temperature uniformity of ± 5 °C guaranteed at each maximum rated temperature.

Each curing furnace has a screen rolling filtration system in each area. The filter system is installed on the plug for easy removal and maintenance, and an external crank is used in each area to push the material as required. Both products feature an energy-efficient electronic packaging upgrade from the Wisconsin oven, including a thicker wall panel.

“The heating system is wired, so if the heater fails, the oven will operate with an input close to the full heat until a downtime can be scheduled. At the Wisconsin oven, we understand the importance of minimizing downtime maintenance, which is designed to keep the equipment running until it can be repaired. ” Tom Trueman, Senior Application Engineer.

Other functions of curing furnace include:

1.The top-down air flow can be best distributed along the product.

2.Personnel access door, convenient for cleaning, maintenance and service.

3.Screen rolling filtration system for each area;

4.Electronic packaging upgrades for energy efficiency; and OSHA compliant ladders and railings for access to roof mounted blowers.

According to Wisconsin oven, these ovens have been fully factory tested and adjusted before leaving the factory. Check that all safety interlocks are operating properly and that the equipment is operating at normal and maximum operating temperature. An extensive quality assurance checklist has been completed to ensure the equipment meets all Wisconsin oven quality standards. The device is supported by an exclusive three-year wow warranty (parts only) for the Wisconsin oven.

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